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We believe companies should use Profit for Good. We have massive problems, and the 10 trillion dollars of yearly profits can help fund the solutions to these problems. With help from investors and philanthropists we believe these companies can become the biggest in the world, and we want to be one of those companies. With Patagonia and Bosch, who also donated the vast majority of profits, we're in good company. 

BOAS means good in Portuguese, clearly explaining what we do in only four letters! 

We ship our jeans worldwide, with free shipping on first orders. Rates can be found in the checkout for second orders, and depend on the country where you want us to ship to. 


We pay our employees normal salaries, we reinvest in our business so we can donate more later, we pay our taxes and whatever is left in profits we donate to the best lifesaving charities. We’re funded by philanthropists to help us grow.

People prefer to buy brands that donate to a charity they like rather than one that gives to a shareholder they don't know. And you rather work for a company that donates to a charity you like. So if most people want this, why don't we have many more companies who donate their profits to make the world better?

We believe the short answer is shareholders. They invest in businesses to multiply their money. Unless they are impact investors or philanthropists, they do not invest in businesses that don't aim to multiply their money. We're not against investors who enable companies to innovate and scale, but we do think the resulting profits should be used to improve people's lives and the planet. If you're a billionaire you have a moral obligation to help others who are less fortunate than you, and the many people who your success depended on. Profits should be shared, and we believe one of the best ways to do that is for companies to donate their profits to good causes. 

We're part of a new wave of Profit for Good companies who use their profits to make the world much better for all. Our employees get paid a fair salary, but you won't find a CEO earning millions, and whatever is left in profits we donate 90% to lifesaving charities. You can help the movement by buying from companies that donate all profits, working for them or even starting them.

90% of the profit shares of BOAS are owned by the BOAS Lifesaver foundation. This ensures that 90% of our profits always go to charities. We have safeguarded this company structure in (long and complex) legal documents, and these documents are open to the public. Send us an email on if you want to see these legal documents. You can also look on our mission page, where we show the proof of all the donations we've made so far. 

Profit for Good companies (PFG's) are companies that donate the vast majority of non-reinvested profits to make the world better. Some well known examples are Patagonia and Bosch. BOAS is showing that startups can also be succesful PFG's, in the hope that more companies become PFG's and you have more and more options to do good with your everyday purchases. We donate 90% of our profits to save lives, but other PFG's donate to other causes, such as the environment or to help end extreme poverty. 


Shipping & Returns

We offer 100 days free returns on vintage fashion, but we encourage people to measure their favorite pants and compare it with the measurements of our jeans for the perfect fit. Returns are costly for the environment and BOAS, and minimizing them means more profit to charities that save lives and lower impact on the environment. If you want to return an item, send an email to with your order number, why you're returning (this will help us make it better so you don't have to return in the future) and which items you want to return and we'll send instructions and refund the order straight away. 

Our vintage jeans have free shipping on first orders and are sent the same day when ordered before 1PM CET. 

On weekdays orders get shipped within 24 hours or sameday when ordered before 1PM CET. It will depend on where you ordered from how long it will take for the order to arrive, but it generally takes 1-5 working days.

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