"This is" collection

A call for change in how customers value fashion pieces

We turn buying a shirt into something better.

Each item you buy supports a charitable cause that makes the world a better place.

"This is" your sign to STOP buying luxury t-shirts that cost thousands, and start buying t-shirts that SAVE thousands.

Every shirt is designed to help a specific charitable cause.

The profit made from each purchase will go directly to support the cause referenced on the shirt.

The causes we're supporting

100% of the profits made from each shirt will go towards helping one of the organisations below:

What is BOAS?

The sustainable fashion marketplace...

100% Honest

100% Transparent

100% Profits to Charity

Our vision

is to move the world's 10 trillion dollar profit to those who need it most, by showing companies the right way to do it: donating all their profits.

More ways to support our mission

To succeed in our mission to save a million lives by creating the world’s largest marketplace, we need your help!
Support us by crowedfunding BOAS through the purchase of "This is BOAS" shirts.

We've made a small dent by donating all our profits since launching in 2022, but it's just the beginning...


Raised so far.

That's money going towards helping people, rather than a new yacht or helicopter.