Luna - Leena

Luna-Leena creates sustainable products for home decoration and toys for children.
Every product is handmade by women from Kathmandu.

We have our own women teams and they make high-quality crochet, macramé and paper products.
Crochet, macramé and our eco paper are always made by hand and not by machine.

Together we are keeping this traditional handicrafts alive!

Luna-Leena contributes to better life circumstances and working conditions for these women and their families. Our women work together or individually from their own houses in Nepal.

Sustainability and doing well for our environment are of great importance to us and Luna-Leena contributes to do this in several ways. We prefer to work with natural materials as:

organic cotton, thick cotton, wool, jute, leather, hemp and eco-friendly paper.

Every eco-friendly paper tag on the product tells the Luna-Leena story of Nepal.

The impact of the production process on the environment is limited as much as possible because of the use of Azo-free dyes, treefree, acid-free paper, GOTS certification, no plastics in our products.

Each of our products is unique and made with love!

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