Ho My Bobine

The creation of my Ho my Bobine brand corresponds to a turning point in my life. It is a period of deep questioning of my own lifestyle, which is already well anchored in zero waste and organic consumption.

But I felt that I needed a profound change in the way I worked. I learned a lot from my previous job, but the time had come for my own entrepreneurial experience.

I am a designer of textile articles for babies and children and I am passionate about decoration. The passion for handmade things, things well done, with neat finishes I received from my grandmother, she sewed her clothes those of her children, her household linen, out of necessity but also because she loved beautiful fabrics, accessories and fashion.

During the holidays spent with her I played for hours with her button box, her pockets, her fabrics, she taught me to sew and knit clothes for my dolls, she transmitted to me her love of the handmade, patience and to appreciate the small pleasures of simple things that have this special flavor.

I like to research fabrics, materials, make associations of color patterns, master the production in my workshop, located in the south of France between sea and mountains.

I contemplate the landscapes around me on a daily basis to nourish my creativity.

I share my passion in a friendly atmosphere with my clients and designers to promote the handmade, the craft, to give meaning to our way of consumption.

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