Buy 1 Pair And Get 1 On The House

Here are the big five reasons why everyone should grab themselves a pair of Vintage Jeans, ditch fast fashion Black Friday deals, and Save Jeans and Save Lives by switching to the world's most convenient way to score Vintage Jeans with BOAS.

1. Double the Denim, Double the Impact

When you buy a pair of jeans for yourself this black friday, you can give away another jeans to someone else, for free! Let's make this day about giving instead of taking. Just enter the code 'DOUBLEDENIM' at checkout and we'll send you an email that you can send to your friend, with a discount code they can use get a pair of jeans for free!

Profit for Good

2. Profit for Good

By buying from BOAS you are contributing 90% of your profits🔍 to lifesaving charities. But there's more to it than that, you are helping us build a business that is all about community, sustainability, and cooperation. Without you, we wouldn't exist, and we would not be able to provide you with amazing Vintage Jeans while Saving Lives.

Saving Water with Every Purchase

3. Saving Water with Every Purchase

The denim industry requires a lot of water for the production of jeans. A single pair of brand-new jeans requires 945 liters of water to produce - that's like taking 15 showers. By buying Vintage Jeans you are preventing that needless waste, contributing to the preservation of water.

Amazing Price Quality Deal

4. Amazing Price for Quality

At BOAS we stand for you scoring a great pair of denim jeans for an awesome price. We do this with our 'Take the Risk or Take the Price' model, and for this Black Friday we turned it up a notch. Grab yourself a pair of Vintage jeans for €40 instead of forking over €120 in a denim shop.

You Look Great in Vintage Jeans

5. You Look Great in Vintage Jeans

Fashion trends come and go, but quality is always in style. We know you will look amazing in a pair of BOAS Vintage Jeans, we see it every day. Save Jeans, Save Lives and look damn good when doing so.

Terms & Conditions

The rules for our black Friday campaign are simple.
When you buy from Friday 24 November 00:01 CET until Monday 27 November 23:59 CET and enter the code 'DOUBLEDENIM' in the checkout, one person of your choosing receives a €30 discount code for any jeans on the BOAS platform. If they buy multiple jeans, the discount code takes off €30 of the total amount.
The discount code can only be used once.
This campaign is about giving someone you love a pair of unique vintage jeans, so we ask you to give it away, but if you want you can use the code for yourself as well.
The discount code expires the 31st of March, 2024