Refreshing your wardrobe for spring

Refreshing Your Wardrobe for Spring

Do you want to refresh your wardrobe in accordance with new trends for spring in order to stay fashionable?

Then you have come to the right place!

Keeping up with the latest trends is a great way to express your personal style and stay on top of the fashion game. Having a stylish wardrobe can also help to boost your confidence and make you feel more put together. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to refresh your wardrobe!


  • The first step to refreshing your wardrobe is to prepare. This is the time to think about what worked and didn’t work for you last season.
    How does your closet look now? Is it cluttered and overstuffed? Do you notice piles of unwanted clothes in the corner of your closet? Do you have trouble finding the clothes you want to wear?
    This introspection will help you build a more efficient and sustainable wardrobe in the upcoming season, because nobody wants to waste time sorting through a cluttered closet looking for an item that has been lost weeks ago.
  • For a more in-depth read on how to go about preparing for a sustainable wardrobe, refer to this article
  • After identifying the pros and cons of how you had previously organized your closet, you can better understand how to arrange your wardrobe for Spring!

Start Clearing Things Out:

  • The best way to begin preparing for your Spring wardrobe is to clear everything out of your closet. Here you can use your own system: whether it is going drawer by drawer or dumping everything all at once, you want to start with a clean base. A new season gives you the perfect chance to clear your closet space and start cleaning! 
  • It’s time to vacuum, dust, and wipe down shelves and walls to make the space more inviting!
  • Having a new and empty storage space at the beginning of each season will inspire you to build a fresher and more organized wardrobe. 

Decide What Stays and What Goes:

    • After you have taken care of the closet space, it’s time to move onto the clothes! Start by sorting your clothing into categories. For each item, decide if it should be kept, donated, or sold. Here you have some options regarding what to do with the items you no longer want. You can:
    1. Donate items that are in good condition to a local charity or thrift store.
    2. Sell items that are in good condition on a consignment website or at a consignment store.
    3. Recycle items that are too worn or damaged to donate or sell.
    4. Have a clothing swap with friends and family.

    Time to get sorting!

      • Now it’s time to organize the items you did decide to keep.
      • Group similar items together, such as tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, and accessories.
      • Once you have your groups, organize them according to the categories you created such as all the white shirts, all the navy sweaters, and all the black jeans, etc.

      Putting things back in:

        • Arrange the colors starting with the lightest shades and working your way to the darkest shades or vice versa. Organizing clothes by color makes it easier to navigate because it allows you to quickly find the item of clothing you are looking for and visually see all the options available. It also makes it easier to put together an outfit or create a color palette because the colors are already grouped together.
        • Hang items that need to be hung and fold items that can be folded.

        Top fashion trends for Spring 2023 to invest in:

          • Take a look at the most popular trends in 2023 that will help you refresh your wardrobe in the most stylish way.
          • The most popular colors for Spring 2023 typically include pastels, bright and cheery tones, and natural shades. Popular colors include light pink, baby blue, lilac, lavender, yellow, orange, mint green, navy blue, sand, and sage green.
          • InStyle Magazine states that floral prints are "set to make a big splash in 2023". 
          • Neons are "set to be a staple in 2023 spring wardrobe" according to Vogue. 
          • According to Elle Magazine, "crochet is set to be a major trend in 2023". 
          • As reported by Refinery 29, oversized shirts are "set to be a hot trend in 2023".

           In Summary:

          If you want to refresh your wardrobe for spring, the steps you should take are:

          1) Preparation: Think about what worked and didn't work for you last season and assess how your closet looks now - Start Clearing Things Out: Vacuum, dust, and wipe down shelves and walls and clear everything out of your closet.

          2) Deciding What Stays and What Goes: Sort your clothing into categories, decide if it should be kept, donated, or sold.

          3) Get Sorting: Group similar items together and organize by color, lightest to darkest.

          4) Putting Things Back In: Hang items that need to be hung and fold items that can be folded.

          5) Following Top Fashion Trends for Spring 2023 to Invest In: Look for pastels, bright and cheery tones, natural shades, floral prints, neons, crochet, and oversized shirts.