Jeans Fits: Your Essential 2023 Guide

Jeans Fits: Your Essential 2023 Guide

It’s difficult to know where to begin when it comes to jeans fits. 

First of all, the different fits: boyfriend, mom, flared, straight leg. The list seems endless. Then, which jeans fits are on trend right now. Are skinny jeans in or out? Should I be wearing a flare fit or a cropped fit?

Fear not. In this jeans fit guide, we are breaking down the key jeans fits, taking you through the classic styles, and explaining what is on trend for 2023. Plus, we’ll give you some help on wearing the best jeans fits for you. 

THE Jean Fits For 2023

We’re starting off with the jeans fits that are here for this year. What are people wearing right now? And which jeans fits should you be looking to have in your wardrobe? 

Wide Leg Jeans/Baggy Jean fits: 

This is probably THE jeans fit to be wearing this year. And that’s great news, because they are super easy to wear and extremely comfy. 

The only rule with this jean fit: they are wide at the bottom. Everything else is up to you. We do have some advice for styling this sort of jean fit though… 

Embrace the off duty look with baggy t-shirts and trainers. These outfits are really trendy this season, as seen below in the Jacquemus Spring/Summer shows. Alternatively, pair these baggy denim jeans with a pair of ballet flats, and a simple jumper and jewellery for a more put together look. 

Jacquemus runway look: baggy jeans and yellow jacket.

(Jaquemus via Vogue - spring summer 2023) 

Low Rise Jeans: 

These are the trousers feared by many, but they needn’t be. 

First of all, if you don’t want to wear them, then don’t. There is nothing worse than feeling self conscious about your body type all day because your clothes are pushing you out of your comfort zone. Remember, your clothes are there to serve you. 

But if you do fancy trying out the low-rise jeans trend, then we are here to help. 

This jean fit had their initial heyday in the late nineties/early noughties, led by Alexander McQueen’s super low waist designs. It coincided with an unhealthy focus on body shape for women, and unrealistic beauty standards. 

Now, the low waist jeans are back, but we are no longer buying into the trauma that came with them the first time around. 

Our top tip here is go baggy rather than a tight fit. You might already be out of your comfort zone with the wasitline of this jeans fit, so take the pressure off with the rest of your look, and dress it down.

Take inspiration from Tia (of @Tiabellex), and pair your low rise jeans with a simple top and jacket for the cooler summer days. 


Cargo Fit Jeans 

Probably the jeans fit that will define 2023, and another Y2K trend currently having a renaissance. Cargo pants in general are really on trend at the moment, and the denim versions are just as cool. 

These trousers are usually high rise or mid-rise, so they are the perfect trend if you are not into the low rise jeans renaissance. And, they come in so many different colours, so this is your chance to move away from blue denim for your everyday wear.

Flared Jeans Fits 

Flared jeans fits have been a big trend for the last two years, and they are going nowhere for 2023. 

We think flared fit jeans are a great option when you want to be a little bit more dressed up. Think: Trenches, smarter Ts and chic sunnies. 

Flared fit jeans with a little split at the bottom are also super cool right now. Don’t go rushing to buy a new pair though; there are plenty of resources available online that can get you started on making your own alterations. It’s usually far easier than you think, and you’ll end up with a one of a kind piece. 

Dior and Celine both featured flared fit jeans on their runway for spring/summer 2023. Take inspiration from Dior’s styling here, and let the jeans do all the talking. 

Dior flared Jeans from the spring summer 2023 collection.

(Image courtesy of Dior via Fashion Photographer)

Classic Jeans Fits and Selvedge Denim 

Now for the jeans fits that will never go out of style.

These jeans can stay in your wardrobe year on year- the best type of denim. Keep hold of these pairs; we think they will never go out of style, especially if you wear  them correctly. 

And as for the denim- good quality will last you forever. Selvedge is something to look out for; it's generally considered the highest quality. But have a feel of your own jeans, you can usually get a feel for quality.

Straight Leg Jeans 

Straight leg fit jeans are a two pronged attack: they are a classic, AND they are super trendy right now. 

This is really where Levi’s come into their own. The Levi’s ribcage jeans fits have been chosen by two Vogue editors as their ultimate pair of jeans. And the Levi’s 501s are a cult classic. I like these because they are usually made out of pretty rigid denim. Not the most comfortable, but they look elite.

Cropped Jeans 

Long jean fits are really trendy right now, but an ankle skimming cropped fit jean will always be a classic in your wardrobe. 

They can be dressed up with a little kitten heel and jacket for an evening look, or worn with trainers and a big jumper for off duty daytime vibes. We love a barrel leg style which is baggy all the way down the leg, and perhaps a bit more on trend. But a cropped flare which starts tighter on the thigh is also great, and looks perfect in a regular fit, rather than super baggy.

Slim/Skinny Jeans 

I know what you’re thinking- ‘Skinny fit jeans are out!’. But, I wouldn’t be so sure. 

Slimmer pants are definitely back in this season, and a pair of slim fit jeans are a classic that will come back around again and again (despite Gen Z deciding that their time has been and gone).

The Princess of Wales wore them for a recent engagement, but brought them right up to date by buying into the cargo trend, and opting for a pair with big pockets.

In our opinion, It’s best to stick with a slightly looser pair, to stop yourself looking like you’ve jumped straight out of 2013. A looser style should bring this jeans fit right up to date like Celine have in their Autumn/Winter 2023 collection.  

And, I would suggest going for a stretch denim if you've got used to baggier styles! 

The Princess of Wales in cargo style skinny jeans.  Celine Autumn/Winter collection: skinny jeans.

(Left image courtesy of Getty Images; Left image courtesy of Celine) 

How Can I Wear Jeans Fits? 

So we’ve looked at different fits of jeans, from skinny to flared. But the confusion remains. What to buy? What to wear? And how to style them? We’ve got some of the answers for you in this section.

Use What You Have

Don’t panic! And do not rush to buy the 'perfect fit' jeans online. Use what you already have. 

If that’s a pair of skinny jeans, then try bringing them more up to date with how you style them. Maybe try a long trench over the top with a jumper around the shoulders, or wear them tucked into a pair of knee high boots or cowboys like Kendall Jenner. 

Kendall Jenner styling skinny jeans for 2023.

(Image Courtesy of Backgrid)

Combine Trends

You might only have jean fits that are not super trendy right now. But you can make your classic pieces work for this year in the way you style them. 

This can be tricky, because we often buy an item of clothing and wear it the same way over and over again. But our advice is to take an hour or two to experiment with the items in your wardrobe. Have a look at the summer trends for this year, and think about ways you can incorporate them into your jeans outfits. 

Maybe your jeans turn out to be the perfect colour for this season; or maybe they work brilliantly with oversized shirts - if so, embrace the uber casual trends we are seeing this season. And remember, some things never go out of style. A denim shirts with jeans is always going to work

It might take a bit of time to look through your wardrobe, but it will save you a lot of money, and lots of time each morning! 


This might strike fear within you, and it’s not for everyone. But there are simple things you can do to adapt your jeans, rather than buying new pieces, or throwing stuff away. 

Our easiest tip for jeans would 100% be: add a belt. This one is so easy we can’t really call it upcycling. But if a family member has a pair of jeans that you think are too big for you, think again. Add a belt, and suddenly you are wearing the baggy jeans fit trend. 

You could also try taking up the hem of a pair of jeans that are too long (or leave them as they are- that’s in right now), or add a split at the bottom. 

Maggie (@be.the.chang on insta) shares the ridiculously cool ways she upcycles items in her home, and she is 100% worth a follow. 

Denim Is Your Friend 

Most importantly, remember to wear what you love, and what you feel confident in! 

Treat jeans as what they are: a wardrobe staple that can save us in (nearly) all of our outfit dilemmas. Tag us in your denim outfits on insta @boas.good !