BOAS' website is now net-zero

BOAS' website is now net-zero

Are you worried about leaving a vast ecological footprint by using our website? BOAS has officially teamed up with Tree-Nation to achieve carbon neutrality in its online endeavors.

Tree-Nation is a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting deforestation, supporting local communities, and nourishing biodiversity worldwide. Since its foundation in 2006, the Belgian company has planted more than 19 000 000 trees throughout Africa, Asia, South America, and Europe.

How can Tree-Nation help cut emissions effectively?

By keeping track of the activity generated on BOAS’ website, Tree-Nation can assess the amount of CO2 emission caused by BOAS’ website. While recognition is the first stage of any problem-solving process, the company goes a step further. Hundreds of eager volunteers and locals combine efforts to plant trees and ultimately make up for the environmental impact of our online presence. It is done exclusively at the expense of associated businesses, like BOAS; therefore, sustainability has never been more accessible!

About the Eden Project

In the thorn-up mangrove forests of northwest Madagascar, the Eden Project is devoted to restoring the former glory of nature. With the help of Tree-Nation, the Eden Project has managed to plant over 10 000 000 mangroves in the region. BOAS proudly supports these reforestation efforts, helping mitigate the climate crisis whilst also helping aboriginal species survive in the depths of the woods.

What does science say?

As roughly 35 billion tons of carbon are released annually, global warming may sound irreversible. Although the numbers speak for themselves, global efforts to contain CO2 are becoming increasingly popular. Trees provide shelter to the inhabitants of the forest and can store up to 50 pounds of carbon in the soil every year. Most of this carbon dioxide is released back into the atmosphere in the form of oxygen.

At BOAS, our goal is to provide a sustainable way of online shopping, and this spirit extends beyond the products we sell. We believe that through our cooperation with Tree-Nation, we can mitigate the impact our digital environment causes. Consequently, all of our customers can be conscious about their purchases.