5 Steps to Help You Find Your Place in Doing Good

5 Steps to Help You Find Your Place in Doing Good

As a parent, there’s so much to do: for your family, work, home, yourself – you name it. We understand giving to others right now can be just too overwhelming next to everything you’re already doing. We are moved by all who are taking the initiative in doing good. So inspiring! For the rest… Don’t give up. Don’t blame yourself for being human.

Whenever and wherever your journey begins, BOAS team will help, appreciate and celebrate every step with you. Feeling lost but ready to start doing some good?

These 5 steps will ignite your motivation!


1. Remember that it starts with you. Claim what is inside you.

We learned that finding the right way of doing things can often be confusing and difficult. To trust the process; to remind yourself of the power & potential you hold, is crucial as well as courageous. Providing our world with good is a commitment, naturally pushed by the motivation and support inside us.

2. Remember your why.

    As a parent, there will be times, if not always, that you are tired. In those moments, remember your reason. Is it to restore nature? Is it to give your loved ones a better life? Or maybe to share your luck with others? Write it down for later when you struggle to move forward.

    3. Start small and effective.

      Our advice is to start with small steps. It feels hard to take the first, but that one step sets greater things in motion, and if done right, it can be so effective. Find a mentor with experience, an environmentalist, activist or a mom sharing her journey via videos on Instagram, who will keep that motivation in your heart.

      4. Don’t struggle alone. Connect with kindred community.

        Two are better than one! Having a collective support, a place to learn, help and connect. Having something bigger or even one person reminding you why you are reaching for your goal is helpful and vital over the long haul. Reach out to an experienced mentor or join a community of like-minded people ready to change the world.
        At BOAS we are proud to be a part of the BOAS team, both helping and facing the world together!

        5. Embrace the journey, grow and find joy.

          Take it slow and be gentle with yourself. A new environment comes with uncertainty and failures along the way. Everyone has their setbacks and makes mistakes. We accept it! It’s an adventure and a chance to grow! Let out all the doubt and let in the joy in what you do! A great change awaits those with sincerity in their hearts.


          BOAS is here now to give you a hand when you're ready – doing good without a sacrifice. Read more about our mission - you won’t regret it!