5 Products to De-plastify Your Shopping List this Plastic Free July

5 Products to De-plastify Your Shopping List this Plastic Free July

Happy End of Plastic Free July!

If you have not been tuning into your environmentalist calendar this month, it may have completely slipped your radar that this designated month of single use sanctioning is nearly coming to a close! 

Given this celebration of planetary pride (in addition to the plain fact that every single piece of plastic ever produced still exists undisturbed in our global ecosystem), we must take great, immediate care in tending to our environment. Even as a single mighty individual, there are a plethora of personal solutions you can implement to instigate this conscious awareness in both yourself and those around you. 

Let’s face it, though. Changing behavior and getting loyal customers to switch brands or products out of the goodness of their hearts can be challenging. But if we were to start small with small people, we could override the years of subconscious, single-use consumption training that afflicts older people and nurture a rising generation of changemakers. All that starts with the products these kids interact with on a daily basis, which is where BOAS is an unmatched marketplace to fulfill your needs.

Check out five of our favorite plastic-free products that you can use to transition your and your child’s life to be free of persistent plastic polymers:


Organic Yellow Mini Bib from Pitigaïa: 

If you haven't yet been informed, there is a lot of plastic in our clothing! Polyester, nylon, lycra, and acrylic fabrics are all derived from synthetic polymers deemed as plastics. Baby bibs are no exception to this madness, and while many are made from more absorbent materials such as cotton or flannel, disposable bibs and plastic-laced bibs still very much exist.

The essential organic cotton mini bib from Pitigaïa, on the other hand, allows you to protect your child's clothes as well as protect the planet. Pitigaïa has eco-designed this mini bib using organic cotton, which is thick, absorbent and plastic-free! Plus, their designs will match all your little one's outfits! (P.S. If you plan on ordering some of these, just make sure to account for the 15 day production time!)



Eco-friendly Yellow Teething Rattle from Pitigaïa

Pacifiers, baby bottles, and chewing beads are products that frequently and intentionally find their way into our children's mouths. They are also all made of plastic material in the vast majority of cases. You may be familiar with images of Laysan albatross or other marine life whose stomachs explode with plastic due to indigestion, so if we are aware of the danger of this material on other life forms, why do we allow our children to expose themselves to this same risk?

Luckily, Pitigaïa is once again here to save the day. Their teething rattle is made of silicone beads (safety tested in a French laboratory) and natural, untreated beech wood. The beads and the wooden ring also come from sustainably managed and controlled forests. More than just a teething ring, it's a learning tool for babies and a way for them to slowly build their sustainable lifestyle habits.



Sustainable Creative Rattle “Frieda” Filling & Painting from MusikGlück

If there's one thing in the world that children universally love, that thing is music. Being an innately non-material form of entertainment, this is a perfect way to introduce plastic-freeness to your child. Unfortunately, a lot of musical instruments for young ones these days are made of plastic, to reduce the fear and financial burden of them destroying "real" instruments.

Frieda, on the other hand, is a wonderful wooden rattle that you can fill yourself. Using any number of materials for the filling, including small, granular objects found in nature, in your household or furnishings, you can embark on a musical adventure with your children. Plus, you can paint the music rattle in bright colors and get creative together. Not to mention their non-existent packaging is completely plastic-free!

Organic Rattle Whale - Deep Turquoise from Pebblechild UK Limited

In 1998, Ty, Inc. decided to quit using PVC for the beads inside of their beanie babies--an admirable first step towards reducing their company's impact on the environment. Unfortunately, they replaced those plastic morsels with a different type of plastic (polyethylene), which essentially undid the fruits of their labor. As we've discussed already, so many children's toys are laced with plastic, yet the opportunity is ripe for a revolution against this trend.

Pebble products are made entirely by hand with natural materials, such as cotton. By even just looking at their handmade, one-of-a-kind designs, you can tell that love was poured into their designs. Although the fill is made of polyester, this is not something that your child's mouth or hands would ever touch--though admittedly we would love for designers to consider swapping out this material for something less plastic.


BOAS Gift Card

All of the de-plastified solutions we have mentioned so far have been physical things. At BOAS, we believe that the first step to being a conscious consumer is to start by buying less, but we also realize that physical toys and products are necessary for sensory development in children. Nonetheless, we wanted to include on this list a non-material asset to add to your shopping cart this month: a gift card to BOAS.

The best plastic-free gift you can give any child is a better future. All products on BOAS are sustainable, healthy and safe for your child and we donate all of our profits to charities that save lives and the planet. With this gift card you're giving a better now and a better tomorrow in addition to contributing to a plastic-free world!