Just Be Kids

Fashion shows who you are and what you stand for. When I was expecting my first child four years ago, I found the range of hippie children's clothing limited. In addition, I did not get a good picture of the brands with regard to production. I had no idea how and where the clothes were produced. The stories about bad working conditions shocked me, children's clothes made by children: unacceptable! The sustainable clothing brands are often pricey, very basic and simply not trendy enough. There must be another way, I thought.

And so my mission is simple:
We make fashionable items in a sustainable and fair way. It is children's clothing that I myself want to wear as a hip '21century mother. Last but not least: produced in a sustainable way, with honest raw materials and of course without child labour!

Outspoken Sustainable Fashion

All our items have the specific just be Kids touch. Colorful and outspoken prints for the trendy kids of this time! Each item is designed in such a way that you can easily combine it with other collection items or with garments from your child's wardrobe.

Just be Kids launches a spring/summer and autumn/winter collection every year.

The clothing industry has to change, what we do may be small-scale, but this is where it starts! We try to make a difference and have an impact where we can.

Sustainable Impact!

Just be Kids consciously chooses to produce clothing in Turkey. The Turkish producers carefully selected by us guarantee child-free production and work with the right fair trade materials. All raw materials are certified and so all just be Kids items carry a GOTS certificate.

This is not enough for us and that is why we check the existing production processes every year – together with our partners. Just be Kids stands for:

Organic/recycled products
100% child labor free
Traceable production processes
Action Free a girl!

Just be Kids donates 1% of the annual net profit to Free a Girl. This organization strives for a world without commercial sexual exploitation of children, by providing direct aid to victims and tackling impunity.

We believe that every child has the right to grow up in a safe environment and we are happy to contribute to that. All children in the world must be protected from any form of exploitation.

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