igi Natur

Our story started in the city of Bremen, up north, by the Weser River.

Bremen is known for its town musicians. And it’s the place where Igi was born in the year 2016.

We are a big family of 11 members including the father, the mother, the brothers, the sisters and the uncles. All 11 of us like seeing the world from a child’s perspective because children are mischievous, and curious about everything.

In each collection, there is a story of a child in an igi member. Some are wondering what the animals are doing under the rain in Bremen, another is thinking of the outer space sitting by the Weser river. One is fascinated by the colors of the city walking in Schnoor. A historical district of Bremen, famous with its little old houses and narrow streets, while a couple is dreaming of a rabbit come out of a magic hat.

Our mascot is the Kiwi bird. Kiwi birds cannot fly. But this little bird knows that he doesn’t have to fly to be happy and enjoy life.

Kiwi shows us that it’s the journey that matters, not the destination.

Just like me and you, he collects memories on the road, and in every city he travels to.

Kiwi is in no hurry. He takes his time...

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