Save Jeans. Save Lives.

We save jeans from being burnt or ending up in landfill, by making the buying of vintage fashion ten times faster, so anyone can buy used instead of new. We're fast vintage fashion.

We save lives by donating 90% of your profits to the best lifesaving charities. We believe these are 'your' instead of 'our' profits. Profit cannot be made without the help of countless customers, employees and partners. BOAS' profit is not ours to keep, it's yours to give away to save lives. And that makes you a lifesaver.


Total donations to the best lifesaving charities. We've saved one life so far.

Our Vision

The world has 10 trillion dollars in profit each year. We believe profit should be used for good. We have massive problems, and we can use profits to fund the people and organisations who solve these massive problems. If we use your profits to make the world better for all, we could use 1.7 trillion dollars to avert climate disaster, use less than 10% to double the income of all 650 million people living in extreme poverty (less than $3 a day) and use some of it to save the millions of lives lost by preventable diseases each year. 90% of BOAS is owned by the BOAS Lifesaver foundation, whose mission it is to save lives, by funding the best lifesaving charities.

Do you want to be a lifesaver? Buy from Profit for Good companies like Patagonia and Bosch, work for them (we're always hiring) or start one yourself.

How It Works

We pay our employees normal salaries, we reinvest in our business so we can donate more later, we pay our taxes and 90% of what's left in profits we donate to the best lifesaving charities. Many of our donations have gone to The Against Malaria foundation, which independent research shows is one of the most effective lifesaving charities, saving lives for less than €5.000 by providing prevention and treatment to malaria, which still claims more than half a million lives (half of everyone living in Amsterdam) each year. We work with GiveWell to ensure we donate to the best charities out there, so we can save as many lives as possible.

It's important to us that we make our profits in a good way, which is why we focus on making vintage fashion fast for you, so you don't have to buy new, saving you a ton of money, and the planet a ton of CO2.

If you have any questions, you can email our founder directly at, we try and respond to everyone and we're completely transparent about how we work so we're happy to answer any questions, even difficult ones. We’ve answered the most common questions in our FAQ so feel free to check that out first.

Meet the BOAS Lifesavers

Saving lives is hard work. This is our current team of lifesavers. We're always hiring for the next one.

Vincent Van der Holst


Likes eating, cycling, eating, traveling and eating

Olaf-Sebastian Krysik



Matthew Ovie Enamuotor

Frontend Developer

Either being an adrenaline junkie, or spending the rest of my time cooking or playing football.

Gizem Tuncer

Content Creation and Marketing Intern

The girl who always wanders around the town, a vegan chef, chill-indie music lover, and gym junkie.

Mihai Cojocaru

Mobile Developer

Walking and reading - not at the same time - personal development and crypto enthusiast.

Martyna Mędelska

OPS Intern

Catch me exploring, eating, admiring trees, or making a bouncy playlist.

Yasmine Abdelhak


You Will never be always MOTIVATED. You have to learn to be DISCPLINED.

Annie Johnson

Content Creation and Marketing Intern

Food, music, and blue skies please.

Alicia Knight

UI/UX Designer

Loves to travel by train, discover cosy cafes, flea markets, art galleries, authentic local restaurants, groovy electronic music and analogue photography.

Bruno Allevato

Shopify Back-End Developer

Music, coding and sports. Not necessarily in that order.

Scarlett Jary

Operations Intern

Reader, dancer, football fan.

Alina Sarsembayeva

Content Creation and Marketing Intern

A dancer and nature lover that is always up-to-date with the latest trends in both fashion and tiktok.

Estela Gris

Operations Intern

Passionate about sustainability. Loves Mexican food, yoga, music festivals, traveling and cats

Alexia Freeman

Founder's Associate Intern

Enjoys the outdoors, cooking, and exploring the world.

Tasso Lamar Nunes Lima

Shopify / Software Developer Intern

Likes programming to the sound of movie soundtracks.

Isaura Cooke

Office Management & Operations

The dad of the friend group, (including the jokes). In love with nature, animals, talking about food, specialty coffee and traveling.