Double the Denim. Double the Impact.

Yup, you heard it right. This Black Friday, we at BOAS are supercharging our mantra to "Save Jeans, Save Lives" with a heartwarming campaign that's set to redefine gift-giving.

We’re calling it "Double the Denim, Double the Impact," and it's about to rock your vintage world.

Here’s the deal: Buy One, Gift One

For every pair of rad vintage jeans you buy, you get another on the house to gift to anyone you think would rock a pair of free vintage jeans!

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How to Unleash the Goodness:

Ready to get in on this? It's easy peasy:

  1. Find a killer pair of jeans on BOAS.
  2. Zip through checkout and use the code DOUBLEDENIM share the lucky receiver's contact details.
  3. Leave a note with the person to whom you are gifting a vintage pair.
  4. Watch magic happen as 90% of your purchase backs charities saving our world.

Join the Change-Makers

Remember, when you buy from us, you're not just saving denim from dreaded landfills—you’re aligning with a brand that's hell-bent on being a powerhouse of change.

Since day one, sustainability and philanthropy have been the threads in our fabric.

So, this Black Friday, make your shopping count, and let’s rock goodwill like it's the latest trend.