Summer Jeans Outfit Ideas

Summer Jeans Outfit Ideas

Who said jeans are only for the colder months? In this blog, we have put together a collection of summer jeans outfit ideas that incorporate your favourite denim. 

Whether you're going for a casual day look or dressing up for a night out, we've got you covered. From pairing your jeans with trendy flip flops and a lightweight shirt to creating a chic evening look with silk scarves and flared jeans, there's something for everyone.

So grab your favourite pair of jeans and get ready to slay the summer fashion game. Don't forget to tag us in your posts for a chance to win a pair of vintage jeans!

Casual Daytime Summer Jeans Outfits

Don't dismiss your jeans when the weather gets warmer. Instead, embrace the versatility of jeans and make them work for you in the summertime.

There are endless possibilities for creating cute summer outfits. Pair your jeans with a breezy tank top or a stylish blouse to achieve a relaxed and fashionable look. To add a touch of sophistication, throw on a lightweight linen blazer or experiment with different accessories like statement earrings. Complete your ensemble with comfortable footwear, such as sneakers, sandals, or loafers, and you'll be ready for any summer occasion.

We've put together are top jean summer outfit ideas for the daytime to get you started.

Black Flip Flops or Sandals

A must-have accessory for creating a casual and effortless summer look is a pair of black flip flops. These versatile shoes can be paired with a basic t-shirt or tank top for a laid-back style this summer. We'd recommend wearing them with a pair of jeans that drag on the floor, to really dress this look down.

Don't rush out to buy a pair of black flip flops though, just because they are trendy right now. Any sandal with work with this summer jeans outfit. So use what you already have, and don't waste your money on trends!

jeans and black slides, summer 2023

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Shirt + Denim = Easy Win

Creating a comfortable and stylish summer ensemble is as simple as combining your favourite pair of jeans with a casual shirt.

Opt for lightweight fabrics like linen or cotton to stay cool during the warmer months. Tuck in your shirt for a more polished look or leave it untucked for a laid-back vibe. From denim-on-denim to pairing white jeans with a colourful blouse, there are endless combinations to create the perfect summer jeans outfit.

Elevate your look with accessories like sunglasses, earrings, or a statement bag, and complete your ensemble with the perfect footwear, whether it's sandals, sneakers, or loafers. With these styling tips, you'll be ready to embrace the sunshine in style.

Linen blazer: business casual

Linen blazers are another huge trend for this season. Wear them oversized with cropped boyfriend jeans for the ultimate cool girl vibe.

The lightweight linen fabric ensures comfort in the warmer months, and you can easily dress up the ensemble with accessories like earrings or a statement necklace. With a linen blazer, you can create a chic and polished outfit for any summer occasion.

Ballet Flats or Loafers

We are loving a ballet flat at the moment! And to be honest, these shoes could have gone in the evening section as well, because gone are the days of feeling obligated to wear heels.

Katie Holmes in wide leg jeans and ballet flats

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They work well with both long and cropped jeans, but pairing them with a long wide leg jeans is super on trend. Tuck in an oversized white tee and you're good to go.

With their sleek silhouette and effortless style, they add a great effect to any jeans outfit. Don't forget to accessorise with sunglasses, earrings, or a statement bag to complete the look. Vogue gives us some more tips on styling ballet flats and jeans. 

Coastal Grandma Accessories

Coastal Grandma is a trend that has gained popularity on TikTok since last summer. It embodies classic looks using timeless pieces. A 'Coastal Grandma' girlie loves to accessorise her summer jeans outfits with straw hats, sandals, and subtle jewellery. Her style is all about comfort and effortless cool, making her outfits perfect for everyday wear. Striped tops and linen shirts are common choices.

Going for the coastal grandma vibe is a great way to wear a white jeans summer outfit. My personal favourite is leaving a shirt unbuttoned with a tank underneath. But for a more casual outfit, opt for a graphic tee or a tank top with sandals or white sneakers. Complete the look with sunglasses and some beachy accessories like a straw hat or a cute beach bag.

Evening Summer Jeans Outfit Ideas

When it comes to summer jeans outfits, don't limit yourself to casual looks. Jeans can be transformed into stylish ensembles for a night out. Elevate your outfit with a pair of black jeans, a wardrobe staple that exudes sleekness and versatility. Combine them with a sheer top to add a touch of femininity and a silk scarf for an extra layer of elegance. For a retro-inspired look, opt for flared jeans to create a silhouette that is both trendy and flattering.

Here are some of our best looks for denim this summer...

Silk scarf

A silk scarf is no longer just an accessory...

The perfect holiday evening outfit is a pair of jeans with a silk scarf. This might sound bizarre, but people are tying their scarves and wearing them as tops. And it looks... Good?

It's is literally the easiest outfit in the world, and hopefully means you don't have to buy anything new! Wear your scarf with low waisted jeans if you're feeling brave enough, or leave the pointed end layered over the waistband of a high waisted pair. Trust us, you're going to want to try this. Check out more suggestions on wearing your silk scarf as a top. And, for more inspo when it comes to repurposing your clothes, here are our top ucycling instagram follows. 

silk scarf worn as a top with jeans for summer 2023

(Image courtesy of Glamour UK)

Black Jean Summer Outfits

I know what you're thinking, black jeans are not the for the summer. But listen, black jeans are cool. There's no way around it.

Try wearing your black jeans with a pair of black leather sandals, and a brightly coloured top, to add the summer vibes. And for cooler summer evenings, layer a light cardigan or denim jacket over your black jeans to stay cozy and stylish.

While black jeans may not scream summer, they offer a cool and versatile look that can be dressed up or down. Embrace the sleekness of black jeans for a sophisticated and trendy summer wardrobe staple. Try different combinations with tops, footwear, and accessories such as white jeans, a blazer, a white denim jacket, or sandals for a variety of stylish summer outfits.

Flare Jeans Summer Outfits

Flared jeans are another huge trend this summer. But I'm talking, the slim leg and subtle flare sort of thing.

Pair them with a flowy, lightweight blouse or a cute graphic tee for a statement look. Complete your ensemble with accessories like sunglasses, earrings, or a statement bag to add some flair. Flared jeans can be dressed up with high heels or dressed down with sandals for a casual summer outfit. With their flattering shape and effortless style, flared jeans are a must-have in any summer wardrobe.

If the different jeans fits are confusing you, we put together a handy guide, here.

Sheer Tops

Sheer tops have become a wardrobe staple this summer. They can be perfectly paired with denim for a chic and stylish ensemble. Opt for lighter, breezier fabrics like chiffon or lace for a summery feel. Whether you choose to wear white jeans, straight-leg jeans, or even blue jeans, a sheer top will add a touch of elegance to your outfit. Complete the look with accessories such as sunglasses, earrings, or a statement necklace. Sheer tops and jeans are the perfect summer combination for any casual outfit or even a special occasion. For more sheer top inspo, check out this page. 

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