BOAS adds Crypto, Amazon and Klarna payment methods.

Before we talk about our exciting new payment options, we want to help you buy less, and buy better. What do you really need? Can you loan or buy that second hand before you buy it new? We challenge you to spend less on your next order. Good for the planet, good for your wallet.

On to our topic of the day!

We want BOAS to be easy to use for everyone, and part of that is offering the payment options you prefer. That's why we're now offering Crypto payment (all major cryptocurrencies), Amazon pay and Klarna. It's now virtually impossible that you won't be able to buy the products you really need at BOAS! 

But there are environmental and ethical concerns to these payment methods.

Unfortunately, all of these options have either environmental or ethical concerns. 

Crypto Concerns

Operating and mining of cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin, can be very energy intensive. There is a fierce debate about the energy consumption of Bitcoin mining, but we know it uses a similar amount of energy as a small country (as of writing it uses roughly the same amount of energy as Ukraine). Some of this electricity is from non-renewable sources and even when it is from renewable sources, those still bear an environmental cost. The good news is that there is a lot of pressure on Bitcoin to become more sustainable, and efforts are made to become more sustainable. 

Fortunately, there are great environmentally friendly options that use a lot less energy than your bank does. Cardano (ADA), Ripple (XRP) Tron (TRX) and Electroneum (ETN) are environmentally friendly options that we support. Popular coins like Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC) still consume between 10-30 times less energy than Bitcoin, so these are still much better options

To cover the environmental cost of crypto transactions, BOAS will offset all emmissions from energy consumption associated to our crypto transactions. In any case, we advise you to use the environmentally friendly cryptocurrencies instead of Bitcoin. We also charge 1% more on orders made with Bitcoin to cover the environmental cost and because we hope we can persuade you to choose an option that's better for the environment. 

Why we offer crypto

We believe Crypto is here to stay and we like how much cheaper it is to invest and send money than it is with traditional banks (most of which aren't helping the environment either). The fees that are charged to BOAS from Crypto transactions are also lower than those charged by banks, so we can donate more profits to charities if you pay with Crypto. 

Amazon Pay concerns

As a marketplace, BOAS is a competitor of Amazon, so we're biased, but we can't say we're a fan of Amazon. Their negative impact on people and the planet is one of the reasons we started BOAS. Amazon has pledged and promised a lot when it comes to sustainability, but it's current sustainability rating is a "mediocre" C and it chooses not to disclose sustainability information to the CDP, so it get's an F there. If possible, we advise not to use Amazon (pay) until they do more to protect people and the environment. 

Why we offer Amazon pay

We feel that by offering Amazon pay and explaining their practices, we can help people who buy from Amazon find a better alternative. We hope that some people choose to buy from a cleaner company and we hope our voice has a small impact on Amazon's future actions concerning people and the planet. Unfortunately, when you use Amazon pay on BOAS, a percentage of your order goes to Amazon, so wherever possible we ask you to use one of our other payment options. We donate all our profits to charities, so any money not going to Amazon means more donations to charities that save people and the planet. 

Klarna Concerns

Klarna offers you the option to pay up to 30 days later with no extra cost. Sounds great! However, if you miss that payment term, Klarna charges you high fees. Our advise is to never use Klarna if you're not sure if you can pay that bill later. Additionally, the costs that Klarna charges to BOAS are higher than other payment methods, so it leaves less money for us to donate to charities that help save lives and the planet.

Why we offer Klarna

Many of the younger generations are stepping away from traditional banks to options that suit their needs. We offer Klarna because it's used by so many because it's simple, and for its pay later option. Klarna also pledged to donate 1% of all their funding rounds to high impact climate charities and has a relatively small footprint, so it's an environmentally friendly option, even though we have concerns about the financial stress and problems it can give people.  

We're adding these payment methods with mixed feelings. We're exited to offer popular payment methods that you like using. On the other hand, we also see the potential harm it may do to you and the impact it has on the environment (even after we offset the emissions from Crypto transactions). We recommend you never buy something with debt or if you're unsure you can afford the bill. In general, we recommend paying with the many other payment methods we offer, like debit cards, ideal and PayPal.