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Best website for vintage jeans: A Side-by-Side Comparison of Depop, Vinted, and BOAS


The circular economy is booming. 

More companies than ever enable users with a sustainable choice by making second-hand clothes accessible online. One of the most sought-after items is vintage jeans. 

Check out our side-by-side comparison of some of the best websites for vintage jeans online.

Benefits of buying vintage jeans in online second hand stores 

Online platforms

In recent years many online second-hand platforms started popping up in the startup scene to cash in on the growing popularity of the sustainability trend.

While most are in it for shareholder profit, some companies have committed to steering their profit to charity. Among notable examples are the American non-profit Goodwill and the EU-based Profit for Good startup BOAS.

What are the benefits of buying vintage jeans online?

Buying second-hand jeans online is faster and easier.

Among the main benefits, online shopping offers a larger selection, international shipping, easy comparison, the use of filters (especially for size, condition, and brand), and the ability to shop around the clock.

If you're looking for a second-hand pair of jeans, the responsible choice is to shop from a thrift store. Not only does it give old clothes a new lease on life, but it is also an environmentally conscious choice.

By shopping vintage clothing over new items, you them new life. You can upcycle and recycle with minimal impact on the planet while still looking stylish in your vintage jeans.

List of the benefits of buying vintage jeans online

Online thrifting is not without its limitations. You might not be able to feel the fabric or discover new neighborhoods.

However, the benefits offer so much more. Plus, nobody likes to go across town just to realize all the good jeans are already gone.

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What are the types of second-hand platforms?

Not all circular fashion platforms are created equal. Before we dive into the comparison of the best websites for vintage jeans, let's check out the different types of platforms available out there.

Platforms differ in the types of products they sell, how products are sourced, the level of security and accuracy offered, and what they do with their profits.

Here are a few types of circular fashion platforms:

  • Peer-to-peer (buy from others) vs. thrift shops (buy from established businesses)
  • Luxury fashion and designer pieces vs. Affordable everyday clothes
  • Specialized (e.g., sneakers or jeans) vs. Generalist
  • B2B (wholesalers) vs. B2C (retailers)
  • For-profit vs. Profit for Good


    A few pairs of Levi's jeans
    Photo by Jimi A. on Unsplash

    Which platform is better for vintage jeans?

    There are many online platforms that offer second hand denim. Among the best websites for vintage jeans are Depop and Vinted. Let's get more info and dive deeper into the comparison between them.

    What is Depop?

    Depop is a platform that enables the reselling of second-hand fashion and beauty items. The company provides a platform for buyers and sellers to connect and transact.

    The Etsy-owned company is headquartered in London and is available in many markets worldwide. Its strongest user base is in English-speaking countries, namely the UK and the US.

    What is Vinted?

    Vinted is a popular app for selling, buying, and swapping pre-owned fashion items. It has thousands of items from many categories, including clothing for adults and kids, home accessories, games, and even pet care.

    The company is based in Europe with main offices in Vilnius and Berlin. The company serves many markets worldwide with a strong presence in Europe.

    Which second-hand platform has a better selection of vintage jeans?

    A quick search on both Vinted and Depop shows both companies have a high variety of denim. As of writing these lines, Depop has over 4,500 used pairs, while Vinted has over 750 items.

    Browsing through the many items, users can filter for the quality and condition of the items. Both Vinted and Depop offer 2 new or unworn options, along with 3 levels of used items:

    • Jeans that are slightly worn with slight or no flaws (“Very Good” on Vinted, “Used - Excellent” on Depop).
    • Jeans with minor signs of wear (“Good”, “Used - Good”)
    • Jeans with obvious signs of wear (“Satisfactory”, “Used - Fair”)

    Can you return second-hand items you bought online?

    Returning an item on these peer-to-peer second-hand websites depends on the seller from whom you purchased it.

    Both websites covered here have the option to request a return if your items arrived damaged or are significantly not as described by the seller. 

    Having said this, private sellers are not obligated by law to offer refunds typically. So if you simply changed your mind or if the pre-owned jeans you got don’t fit you well, you’d have to contact the seller and hope for the best.

    When buying from Vinted, you can also choose to opt for the company’s “buyer protection” for an extra fee.

     What can you do if the seller does not agree to a return? You can try to re-sell it again and mitigate your loss.

    --> To ensure the best fit before you order, check our jeans sizing guide.

    How do Depop and Vinted guarantee denim quality?

    The quality of the items sold on these circular fashion platforms really comes down to the individual sellers.

    Enabling people to sell through their platforms allows Vinted and Depop to have many items. On the flip side, it comes at a cost of significant variability in quality. 

    One other area where these apps come up short is the quality and consistency of the images. This makes it harder to compare different pairs of jeans and find the right one for you.

    If the item you purchased is significantly not as described, both companies offer you to contact them to return it and get a refund.

    User opinions on the best websites for vintage jeans

    A growing number of people are turning to second-hand apps when refreshing their wardrobes. Vinted and Depop are among the most popular destinations, with over 20 million users each.

    When comparing the best websites for vintage jeans, user reviews are a great indicator. Reviews on the Google Play store show a similar positive user affinity with Vinted averaging 4.1 stars and Depop averaging 3.9 stars. 

    We dug a bit deeper to see what users are complaining about. For that, we turned to ChatGPT and prompted it to extract ‘the top issues customers face according to online reviews’ for both platforms.

    Top complaints from online Vinted reviews:

    1. Inconsistent quality of items
    2. Scams and fraudulent listings
    3. Limited protection for buyers
    4. Poor customer service
    5. High shipping costs.

    Top complaints from online Depop reviews:

    1. Delayed shipping times
    2. Inconsistent seller quality
    3. Limited protection for buyers
    4. Difficulty negotiating prices with sellers
    5. Scams and fraudulent listings

    BOAS - the marketplace for sustainable and pre-owned fashion

    Entering the discussion of the best websites for vintage jeans is BOAS.

    BOAS is a young startup on a mission to make it easier for people to become more sustainable in their everyday. It is a treasure trove for pre-loved fashion.

    We started in 2022 with sustainable products for kids and babies, and have since grown to offer the best vintage jeans for both men and women. BOAS promotes upcycling and repairing before buying, but you if decide to give your wardrobe a new look, we're here to help.

    How does BOAS ensure the quality of its second-hand jeans?

    All jeans that BOAS sources are checked and photographed by our co-founders before we put them up for sale. We focus mostly on Levi jeans, as these are known for their high quality and lasting durability.

    Similar to Depop and Vinted, BOAS also offers you to filter our pre-owned products based on their condition. To make things simple, we offer two levels:

    • Excellent condition - vintage jeans with no obvious signs of wear
    • Used condition - items that have been worn more or she clear signs of wear

    In any case, you can trust BOAS to include detailed descriptions and photos in case the jeans are not in an absolutely great state. Plus, we make sure to price those items cheaper.


    woman wearing Levi'sPhoto by Rosesh Bhandari on Unsplash


    Free shipping and returns for vintage jeans

    Got second thoughts about your order? Just write us a short message and we’ll walk you through the return, regardless of the reason.

    Any pair of second-hand jeans you buy on BOAS is eligible for free shipping and free returns in the EU and UK within 30 days.

    Unlike Vinted and Depop, pre-owned jeans that are sold on BOAS are sourced and shipped by us and no one else. You know exactly who sold you your jeans and need to only interact with BOAS throughout. 

    Head over to our shipping & returns page to see the most accurate information.

    The easiest way to discover and compare pre-owned jeans

    A large selection is great, but too many options make finding your perfect vintage denim harder.

    Whereas other second-hand platforms offer large quantities, BOAS keeps it simple. We’re like Goldilocks - not too much, not too little, just right.

    What else do we do to ensure that you find the perfect pre-owned jeans:

    • Consistent images across all products for easy comparison
    • Check each vintage jeans and write a detailed and accurate description
    • We offer a variety of sizes for a perfect fit for anyone

    What’s a Profit for Good company?

    A Profit for Good company is a business that donates most of or all its profits. BOAS is a great example of a Profit for Good startup, as it donates 100% of its profits to charities that help save children’s lives and the planet. 

    Final thoughts on the best websites for vintage jeans

    When it comes to where you should go to get your next pair of vintage jeans on the internet, it really depends on your personal preferences. The best websites for vintage jeans each have their strengths and benefits.

    BOAS is your best choice if you are looking for high-quality jeans, easy returns, and want to effortlessly support children in need.

    Vinted is a good choice if your main deciding factor is the lowest price, and you don’t mind spending long sessions browsing through dozens of product pages to find the right pair for you.

    If you also look to engage with a community of people with similar fashion tastes, you might find Depop more appealing.

    Regardless of which platform you decide to use, buying pre-owned jeans is better for the planet and your pocket.